Providing Resource to Accelerate

When it comes to navigating the challenges of international trade, Prestige Investment Group is there with market expertise, providing a powerful resource to guide you in your decision-making process and enhancing your options.

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Private Equity & Placement

Our private equity and placement resources provide access to capital for the successful closure of your business deal. At Prestige Investment Group, your success is our success, and we will work with you to carefully analyze, plan, and strategize so your business investment matches your vision.


The consultants at Prestige Investment Group work in a proactive, rather than reactive, manner to assist in distinguishing between a viable trade deal and one that will encounter barriers. And should those barriers exist, they will work in a strategic and collaborative manner to not only meet a specific time horizon, but to ensure business success with their innovative approach.

Venture Philanthropy

Management companies have concluded through historical field tests and benchmarks that when wrapping an ATM in a charitable brand, they realize over a 10% increase in use and can provide a percentage of surcharge to charity and remain margin neutral.

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